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Your Guide on How To Prepare for Ramadan

Get ready for a game-changing Ramadan! This article is your ultimate call to action, pushing you to ramp up for the most spiritually rewarding month. Think of Ramadan as the best guest you’re ever going to host, urging you to boost your Quran game, dive into modest dressing, and hit the mosque more often. It’s about small steps leading to big leaps towards Allah, spicing up your spiritual life with daily acts of kindness, community vibes, and a clever hack to keep the charity flowing – automated giving! Let’s make this Ramadan the turnaround you’ve been waiting for, setting goals that transform not just your Ramadan but your entire life. Gear up, dive in, and let the blessings begin!

Kids & Palestine Part 3

Find out the best approach to take to explain the current situation in Palestine.

Kids & Palestine Part 2

How you can teach your kids about the History of Palestine.

Kids & Palestine Part 1

As you scroll through your phone, you’re met with yet another harrowing scene.

Meaningful Gifts

Have you been searching for the perfect gift for a loved one but frustrated with the options out there?

Emergency Triple R Approach

MAA, for over 30 years, has operated according to our Triple R (Relief, Recovery, Rebuild) operational philosophy, to help ensure a seamless transition from emergency aid to sustainable community development.

Gaza: A Cry for Help

As of November 2023, Gaza, Palestine, is in the throes of a severe humanitarian crisis. Over 2.3 million Palestinians are entrapped in Gaza, confronting immense hardship due to escalated conflict.

MAA Launches A Unique Gifting Experience

Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) introduces "Gifts of Mercy," an initiative that intertwines the beauty of gifting with the profound impact of charitable acts.

Why Let Charities Decide?

When it comes to charitable giving, donors often want to have a say in where their money goes. However, charities like MAA International have the expertise and data-driven approach to allocate funds where they can have the most significant impact. By trusting charities to decide where to give your Zakah and Sadaqah, you're helping to provide life-saving assistance to the world's most vulnerable populations.

Meals of Mercy App: A Global Movement

Over 1.38 million meals have distributed through the Meals of Mercy app!

Working Together with Australia's Indigenous Community

On Saturday 25th July 2020, saw a successful joint venture realised.
Muslim Aid Australia, Muslim Charitable Foundation and Brothers in Need packed and delivered 100 hampers of non-perishable items, 50 boxes of fruit and vegetables to the Aboriginal community in Deception Bay.

MAA COVID-19 Response

MAA is keeping a close eye on the developments and government advice, and has been consulting with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and ACFID. Our team of executives have been meeting regularly to discuss our response to this changing situation, and we are on stand by to support you with any concerns that you may have as a donor.

Australia Drought Relief - Round 4

20 semi-trailers of aid delivered by Muslim Aid Australia [MAA] to farmers in QLD. 

Australia Drought Relief - Round 3

We delivered 200,000 litres of water to struggling farmers in Stanthorpe, QLD

Australia Drought Relief: Round 1 & 2

The MAA national team, in association with partners Muslim Charitable Foundation, Deen Brothers, Strike Fuels, Mactrans Heavy Haulage, and Global Aid Foundation have successfully delivered over 30,000 kgs of hay bales to farmers hard-hit by the ongoing drought in Australia.

Fiji: Providing Secure Homes to vulnerable communities

In Fiji, cyclone and earthquake resistant Modular Homes are helping empower communities by providing them a secure, permanent dwelling.


Little Seeds Launch!

Let us take you on a journey with our new and exciting Little Seeds program! Encourage your little ones to change the world!

MAA Launches Permaculture Project for Syrian Refugees in Zaatari Refugee Camp

MAA was the First NGO to launch a Permaculture educational project for treating Grey-Water to grow organic produce for Syrian Refugees in the Zaatari Refugee Camp. Once fully operational this project may be given the green light to be used throughout the entire camp to create a SMART Sustainable food source, inshaAllah.

MAA Partners with Clothing4Dawah

Muslim Aid Australia has just signed an Memorandum of Understanding with Clothing4Dawah in Melbourne to assist with collecting and distributing clothing to needy.

MAA Partners with Brothers in Need

On Friday, 29th April, Muslim Aid Australia and Brothers In Need joined hands by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to work locally in New South Wales for the betterment of the community.

MAA Partners with Gallipoli Fitness

As part of MAA's focus on developing a healthy community, we've partnered with Sydney's latest fitness centre, Gallipolic Fitness 24/7!

MAA Launches VR 360

Muslim Aid Australia is taking you on the ground with us as we deliver essential projects around the world. Join Us on a 360 degree VR tour of a water system we've built in Indonesia.

We look forward to seeing you on the ground with us!

Cyclone Winston devastates Fiji

Cyclone Winston created havoc on the Island of Fiji causing 12m high waves and forceful winds flattening whole villages and cutting communication across the small Island. Thousands displaced and left with no shelter as the death toll continues to rise.

We Must Reach All of the Besieged Areas in Syria

Almost 42,000 people remaining in Madaya are at risk of further hunger and starvation. The UN has received credible reports of people dying from starvation and being killed while trying to leave. On 5 January 2016, a 53 year-old man reportedly died of starvation while his family of five continues to suffer from severe malnutrition.

Easy Access to Clean Water for the Elderly

Amaq Syukur, 80 years old, has been living with a light stroke for a few years. He lives with his children and grandchildren in a modest house, near Musholla Al Amin Dasan Reban Loyok Village.

Clean Water for Gaza

The desalination plant in Gaza is helping thousands gain access to clean water.

Dig Deeper 4 Somalia

The Sadaqah Jaariya borehole project in Somalia has recent been completed. Read about it here.

Teen Deen's Raise for Indonesia

Daar Aisha's amazing Teen Deen girls fundraised to build Water Systems in Indonesia during Ramadan.

Clean Water for Rohingya Refugees

Muslim Aid Australia sent aid to the refugees of Rohingya by constructing  a water well in Blang Ado Village, Kuta Makmur Sub-district, North Aceh.

United to Provide Clean Water for Gaza

On Saturday 6 September, Brisbane united together with Muslim Charitable Foundation, Muslim Aid Australia and Al-Imdaad Foundation for humanitarian relief efforts in Gaza at the Islamic College of Brisbane.

MAA and MCF Work Together in Brisbane

On Sunday, 18 May, Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) and Muslim Charitable Foundations (MCF), together hosted the 25 Seeds of Goodness charity fundraiser at Michael’s Oriental Restaurant, to raise funds for worldwide agricultural projects to eradicate poverty.

We've Dug Deep 4 Somalia

Thanks to your support we have completed a Sadaqah Jaariyah project to construct a borehole in Somalia which has given 8,000 people and their livestock access to clean water.

Syrian Refugees Keep Warm

2.5 million. That’s the number of Syrians who have fled a revolution turned civil war.

A Warm Winter In Pakistan

Winter has arrived in Pakistan and in such circumstances the poor suffer immensely due to the inadequate resources available.


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