WAT - Somalia Borehole


Access to clean water is an ongoing challenge in a place like Somalia. For several years now, MAA has been trying to address this problem by building boreholes in the country. We're happy to announce the construction of another borehole - and another golden opportunity for YOU to be part of a fantastic project. 

For just $10 per share, provide clean water to our brothers and sisters in Somalia. Donate as many shares as you can, and make your contribution a source of continuous charity for yourself and your family!

​Here are some details regarding the construction of the borehole:

Depth: 100m-150m Deep
Power: Solar Powered

Borehole Structure:
  • Generator Room
  • Water Tank
  • Water Taps
  • Animal Drinkin Area
  • Donkey Cart Filling Area

Cost: AU$180,000
Total Raised: $120,000
Currently Needed: $60,000


Let's Dig Deep for Somalia! 

2017 Somalia Borehole

2015 Somalia Borehole

2014 Somalia Borehole

Provide clean water to thousands of families and help save their lives.