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We thank the Australian community and all our partners for the ongoing support towards our bush fire and drought relief projects. 

Just this summer, through your generosity, Muslim Aid Australia (MAA) has been able to deliver over $400,000 in Drought and Bush Fire relief programmes across NSW, SA, QLD, and VIC. 

Did you know that MAA has a ZERO percent admin fee policy when it comes to all emergency relief projects? That means, 100% of your donation goes to relief work. We also work hard to quickly disburse the funds collected to the most needy. Here is how we used the $400,000:

Drought Relief: 
1. Over 400,000L of clean water distributed to severely drought-affected Stanthorpe, Queensland. 
2. 900+ hay bales given to farmers in and around Peterborough SA, and Stanthorpe QLD.
3. 100 food hampers distributed in Warwick, QLD.

Bush Fire aid: 
1. Over 400 store vouchers of $200 value each, given to affected families across various states for instant relief after they had their homes fully or partially destroyed.
2. Distributed 100 Food Hampers in NSW to support people in the immediate aftermath of the bush fires.

Here is a quick fact that surprises many people! MAA has been operating since 1989, and is one among only 57 Australian charities accredited by the Australian Govt's DFAT. We are also ACNC registered: http://bit.ly/ACNC-MAA


500 Hay Bales Target: The bush fires continue to rage around us, and combined with the drought there is so much more work to be done. Our next target is to distribute 500 hay bales to the communities affected by BOTH the bush fires and the drought. This will help our farmers feed their livestock - they are desperate for a good feed after the multiple and ongoing weather disasters this season have left very little food for them. Can you please help us?

Donate a bale today for just $120! Together we can reach this target quickly!

To see all the work we've done so far to help the communities affected by the drought and bush fires across Australia, check out the videos on our Facebook page: