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The Hour of Accepted Dua: The Best Time for Your Supplications

Explore the significance of the hour of accepted dua in Islam. Understand when your prayers have the highest chance of acceptance, and how your good deeds, including Sadaqah, can enhance the power of your supplications.

Your Best Ramadan Ever: A Guide to Fulfilment and Connection

Ramadan is upon us! In this holy month, MAA invites you to deepen your connection with the essence of Ramadan, transforming these moments into opportunities for spiritual renewal, community service, and personal growth.

The Worsening Crisis in Gaza: Families Facing Famine

The Gaza Strip stands on the precipice of a humanitarian catastrophe, with the entire population facing unprecedented levels of acute food insecurity, and a significant portion on the verge of famine. 

For Gaza, For Humanity: Every Voice, Every Action Counts.

The situation in Gaza is dire. The ongoing conflict and siege have crippled basic infrastructure, leaving families struggling for essentials like food, water, and healthcare. Despite valiant efforts, aid delivery remains woefully inadequate. The future seems bleak, but we cannot give up.

Your Guide on How To Prepare for Ramadan

Get ready for a game-changing Ramadan! This article is your ultimate call to action, pushing you to ramp up for the most spiritually rewarding month. Think of Ramadan as the best guest you’re ever going to host, urging you to boost your Quran game, dive into modest dressing, and hit the mosque more often. It’s about small steps leading to big leaps towards Allah, spicing up your spiritual life with daily acts of kindness, community vibes, and a clever hack to keep the charity flowing – automated giving! Let’s make this Ramadan the turnaround you’ve been waiting for, setting goals that transform not just your Ramadan but your entire life. Gear up, dive in, and let the blessings begin!

Kids & Palestine Part 3

Find out the best approach to take to explain the current situation in Palestine.
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