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MAA Partners with Gallipoli Fitness

As part of MAA's focus on developing a healthy community, we've partnered with Sydney's latest fitness centre, Gallipolic Fitness 24/7!

MAA Launches VR 360

Muslim Aid Australia is taking you on the ground with us as we deliver essential projects around the world. Join Us on a 360 degree VR tour of a water system we've built in Indonesia.

We look forward to seeing you on the ground with us!

Cyclone Winston devastates Fiji

Cyclone Winston created havoc on the Island of Fiji causing 12m high waves and forceful winds flattening whole villages and cutting communication across the small Island. Thousands displaced and left with no shelter as the death toll continues to rise.

We Must Reach All of the Besieged Areas in Syria

Almost 42,000 people remaining in Madaya are at risk of further hunger and starvation. The UN has received credible reports of people dying from starvation and being killed while trying to leave. On 5 January 2016, a 53 year-old man reportedly died of starvation while his family of five continues to suffer from severe malnutrition.

Easy Access to Clean Water for the Elderly

Amaq Syukur, 80 years old, has been living with a light stroke for a few years. He lives with his children and grandchildren in a modest house, near Musholla Al Amin Dasan Reban Loyok Village.

Clean Water for Gaza

The desalination plant in Gaza is helping thousands gain access to clean water.
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