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3 Ethical Eid Gift Ideas for Men

Written by Iman Said


The countdown to Eid is well and truly underway with mere days to go before we welcome Eid ul Adha and insha’Allah are granted the opportunity to celebrate yet another Eid with our loved ones. Today we’re discussing Eid gifts for men, so if you have spent the last week browsing through sites only to stop halfway because the options are too overwhelming, this gift guide will help. Grab your card, pick a gift idea and sit back and wait for it to arrive!

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, and it’s usually because they themselves don’t quite know what they need/ want or are very specific about what it is they would like! I often have to keep an ear out all year round for things that my brother mentions, for example, just so I know I’m not going to be wasting time purchasing him something he is going to end up returning. If you’re still looking for the perfect gifts for the men in your life, here are three gift ideas for men under $30 to help you in your search:


1. An Audible subscription

Audible subscriptions are brilliant for those on the move or people who are avid readers that would love to read more but are unable to find the time. With over 200,000 titles they are bound to find something they would love and what’s more, there is usually a month’s free trial! This is also great for younger children or students because it familiarises them with more vocabulary and teaches them critical listening amongst other things.


2. An Islamic-themed gift basket

You could also put together a gift basket with things they would like or need – their favourite attar, homemade treats, a new tasbih, a pair of khufs for when they are out and about, or even a DVD of Islamic lectures that they can listen to in the car.


3. Personalised gifts

In all the years I have been gift giving, I find that gifts that have been personalised always go down a treat. One of my husband’s favourite gifts is an engraved wooden keychain that features a message from our son on one side, and a little calendar with the date of his birth marked off on the other.

From mugs, to socks, to notebooks or photo books – there are plenty of options for personalising gifts and when you tailor the gift to the recipient, they know you’ve put in a little more thought and effort into it. You could even have a special quote or photograph printed and framed for them so they have something to fondly look back on.

We hope you find some of these suggestions useful! 


About the Author

Iman is a working mum, a wife and organising junkie. She blogs at Organised by Iman  (, where she shares the beautiful, chaotic, ever-changing life journey that she's on through her parenting experiences, reflections, organising and creative projects, and more.



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