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A Muslim's Lifestyle - IS IT just about Eating Halal?

Written by Farzana Rijas

A Muslims Lifestyle


The lifestyle of a person is the sum total of their attitude and activities. These days, the term ‘lifestyle’ gives one a misconception about a high end living that we see splashed out in those glossy lifestyle magazines. But simply put, it is just how we live. And for us Muslims we should know how to live. It is by following the lifestyle Islam teaches us to.
But just as how those magazines lead the whole world to believe that lifestyle is all about the exterior, these days Muslims also, unfortunately, believe that an Islamic lifestyle is all about following some rituals and finding halal food places to eat.
But is that it? What does Islam really say about living as a Muslim?
Here are some points to ponder upon.

1. Obedience to The One Almighty:

Of course, being a Muslim basically asks us to be submissive to only One Power and to obey all the halals and harams mentioned in His Book and the authentic Sunnah. And that doesn't include just the eating rules. Rather, we need to ensure what we earn, spend, wear, live in and more is of halal means and mode. Along with forbidding ourselves from visible harams like drinks, drugs and riba (interest), we need to ensure that we stay away from eating off an orphan’s money or from backbiting or ridiculing or cheating and many vices that Quran prohibits as such.


2. Sincerity in Deeds:

But it is not just enough to obey and perform our Islamic duties. We need to do them sincerely. From the acts of worship to maintaining relationships and dealing with people around us, a Muslim should be sincere and transparent in everything they do. Remember,  Allah SWT looks at our hearts more than the deeds.

3. Seeking Excellence:

The biggest trap many of us fall in is the trap of being an “average” Muslim. As a Muslim, mediocrity is never what we should settle for in life. We need to live seeking excellence in every role we play. We need to ensure that each day, we spend our time productively and wisely. A proactive lifestyle is mandatory for a Muslim.
That sums up how our attitude to life should be. Next time, we will go through some of the main character traits that will help immensely to lead a true Muslim lifestyle. In sha Allah!

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Farzana Rijas is a Homoeopathic Physician by profession currently pursuing her passion for writing. She likes to learn and share anything that inspires her to live a productive life.



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