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3 Ways you can help Syrian Refugees today!

Written by Vinie Widiasari

Help Syrians

Many of us have turned on the news or scrolled through our news feeds and seen harrowing images of Syrians, adults and children alike, battling through storms, sleeping in forests, trudging through miles and miles of terrain all in the hope of getting to safety. Losing many of their loved ones in the process, only to arrive to uncertainty, rejection and humiliation. We’ve wanted to reach out, help them and tell them we understand but more often than not we never get the chance. Not because we lack empathy or don’t care but simply because we don’t know HOW??

The Syrian refugee crisis is a complex  problem that can be hard to get your head around, let alone finding out what you can do to about it. MAA recognises the difficulty in finding solutions that we can all contribute to so here are some ways YOU can help today!


Make a donation

Making a donation to a local NGO may seem simple enough but sometimes it isn’t as clear cut as it seems. No matter who you donate to, always ask questions. What are your admin fees? Does your funding go directly to the refugees or their governing bodies? These questions will help you find out and better understand where your donations are going and, most importantly, how much of it is making an impact in the lives of Syrian Refugees. By giving yourself this knowledge, you will be able to make more informed decisions on who to donate to making your donation go further. To make donation towards MAA's Syrian Emergency Appeal, please click here.


Not everyone has the finances to donate but that shouldn’t stop you from being able to help!  Volunteering is one of the most common ways of helping NGOs around the world. It can be worked around your availabilities and schedule so there is minimal impact to your study or family time. No matter your skill set or experience you can always be of use to your local charity organisation. Whether it is collecting donations, office support or event participation your time is valued and 100% NEEDED! By Volunteering your time, you are directly assisting NGOs, allowing them to continue running life changing and supportive programs for refugees and disadvantaged people around the world. Visit our volunteer page here to find out how you can volunteer and help make a difference.

Make Yourself Heard!

Support them using your voice when they can’t use their own. Write letters to your governments and politicians. Tell them how you feel about their Refugee policies, or  lack thereof, and make sure they know where you stand. The more people use their voices and make their opinions known the less likely issues will be swept under the rug.  It may seem fruitless as one person but collectively as a group and as a community, we CAN make a difference.

Don't forget that social media is a powerful platform that forces change and is easily accessible to most people. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or another platform, speak out, use hashtags in your messages, or do whatever you can to ensure that you are actively involved in such topics. At the very least, Like/Share or join the trending discussions and help spread the word. Finally, the most important point is to always pray for those who are suffering. No doubt, this is the easiest way to do your bit to help our brothers and sisters across the world who are in trouble.


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