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3 Ethical Gift Ideas for Kids

Written by Iman Said


In a world full of hundreds of toys and gift options for kids of all ages, the surprising thing is there is not a lot of stuff that fall into the category of ‘ethical gifts for kids’.  Here are some options that we’ve put together, the last in our series of gift ideas, for the little ones in your lives!


1. Islamic-themed gifts

Islamic bookshops usually have a wonderful selection of things for kids of all ages – their Islamic-themed colouring books are a great gift idea and are very affordable. Kids also love dolls that they can identify with and it will make for hours’ of role play fun. You could also look at games and puzzles with a focus on the Arabic language.


2. Donate a gift

Teach and encourage your kids to appreciate what they have and suggest that they donate a gift to the poor and needy children worldwide. These children don’t have parents to buy them gifts, even for Eid, or their parents can’t afford them. If you have older children especially – this is great as you can explain that their gift for the year is going to another child that doesn’t have all the luxuries that they do. Trust us when we say that kids are more understanding than adults sometimes!

3. Buy an awesome book!  

The website ‘A Crafty Arab’ has a great list of 99 Islamic books for kids. There are direct links to Amazon for each of these suggestions as well so go ahead and get clicking!

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About the Author

Iman is a working mum, a wife and organising junkie. She blogs at Organised by Iman  (, where she shares the beautiful, chaotic, ever-changing life journey that she's on through her parenting experiences, reflections, organising and creative projects, and more. 


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